Where Can I Find Pics Of Cornrow Styles?


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Pinterest is a great place for finding many different cornrow styles. Pinterest allows you to make virtual boards where you can "pin" or bookmark things that spark your interest so that you have it saved for further reference.  You can make your own or follow boards like Cornrows to find different hairstyles you like.

Tumblr is another place to check out if you want to see photos of people with cornrows. To get inspiration for your next do, even if you don't want to join Tumblr, you can still see pictures from people who have tagged their photos "cornrows".

Also check out the Cornrows tag on for tips on how to care for your hairstyle and to follow people trying different hairdos. 

And doing a Google image search of "Cornrows" is also a good idea, as the list of sites and examples it brings up are vast!

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