I Am Writing An Expository Essay On Tattoos And Body Piercings In The Workplace. I Am Still Unsure On EXACTLY What I Want My Essay To Be About. What Is A Good Topic For An Expository Essay On Tattoos/body Piercings In The Workplace?


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I need to know more answers to why society judges people with both tattoos and body piercings
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You may write about

What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos / Body Piercings?

The Influence Of Religion And Culture Over Tattoos And Body Piercings

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A very good topic would be what tattoos would be appropriate and what tattoos would need to be covered.

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Heres something you can write about...tell people why we should be allowed to wear our piercings at work...and bring up why do they employers find it unprofessional... And talk about why people shouldnt judge people because they have piercings.   

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