My hair is so dry, what to do to make it shiny and manageable?


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This might sound crazy but Olive oil is the best for dry hair. I put it at night and sleep with it and in the morning I wash my hair and it´s perfect!

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Marta Catalano answered

Hi Catherine,

I've been dealing with really dry hair for a while and I've tried countless products. The best way I started getting some results was by eliminating completely all the shampoos full of chemicals and common ones you find in supermarkets. Even those aimed at dry hair, are full of chemicals and silicones that end up damaging you hair.

So I'd suggest switching to natural shampoos and conditioners. These are the products I've been using and I must admit that my hair looks way healthier and manageable than before:

Here is the website if you want to know more about the products

or alternatively

Here is the website as well

You can easily find them in stores in the UK, or online if you don't live there.

Another tip would be to use Argan Oil or Olive Oil as the other user suggested. Just put it in your hair, spreading it all over it and leaving it for at least 30 minutes (I would suggest more) and then wash it with a delicate shampoo.

Hope this helps!!

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