Pressed Powder Vs Loose Powder?


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If you get yourself a nice liquid foundation!! After you should put on compact powder.. Use a small brush!! Where the brissels are close together as it will apply more of the powder on!! Giving you a flawless look! Translucent compact powder!! So that it doesn't add colour!! Apply the powder as many times as needed you will know when to stop because if you run your hand over your face it will not be sticky!! . Put a lot on as this will set your liquid foundation!! And it will stay on longer!! Also it evens skin tone and texture :D

apply loose powder under your eye, by just sweeping it after putting on dark eye shadow this wel sweep off any dark bits of eye shadow that have fallen!!

When applying a dark eye shadow remember to use three colours, really dark, medium dark and light, the light goes all over the lid, and then on the crease of your eye lid put the medium and then ut dark on right hand side!! The trick is to blend your eye shape!!

Dark eye shadow is used to dramatise your eyes so complete the look by going for black mascara!! And eye liner!! Nice :D

its eiver lips of eyes that are your main feature so if your wearing dark colours on eyes then go for a nude lipstick. Browns for brunettes, gold for black people and ginger and pinks for blonde!

Or a clear lop gloss !!

If you want your lips to be the main thing then go for a nice red!! Red lipstick is really in this season!!

If you want your lisp to appear big!! Go for a light coloured lipstick and lip liner!! And to make them smaller dark colours!!

Put blusher on apple of your cheeks!! Circle and trick is blend!!

Use concealer!!!!

Put under the arch of your eye brow!! And blend!!

Put under eye and blend!!

Ahah sorry for going on :P

lol hope this helps!!

Use compact!! :D its more effective and you can carry it around everywhere!!

They don't have to be very dear ever!!

Maybelline powder is really good then the translucent one!! I use it myself and highly recommend it lol :D

cya ema xx
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Loose powder and pressed powder are good and can be used on different occasions and times. For instance, if your skin is oily, loose powder would be a better option for you. Because it contains oil absorbing ingredients. Plus, the loose powder is usually used when o (foundation and stuff) on your for the first time.
The pressed powder is good when you redo the makeup, or just do the touch-ups later on. Keep the loose powder at home,and use it when you do make up. But carry the pressed powder along for the touch-ups later on.
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Well, I love loose powder but I've been noticing that I'm coughing more, and my mom even told me today that loose powder is bad for your lungs over time because you breathe it in while putting in on because it just a big cloud on your face while applying it, so I had to get pressed powder today...:(

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