What Tattoo Should I Get? I'm Almost Literally Bone White, Have Freckles All Over Me, And I'm Not Really Tall.


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Keith Old Profile
Keith Old answered
G'day Davis,

Thank you for your question.

I would suggest that you think very carefully about getting a tattoo. You will have it for life.

Monica Smith Profile
Monica Smith answered
Well with your complexion...the pale skin...I think maybe a black and white...as the design...that should be up to you. I think you should get one that has meaning! =)
Helen Rivera Profile
Helen Rivera answered
Why does everyone these days want tattoos
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
Don't go for anything too bold for your first tattoo. Maybe a small bird or flower. Once you get used to it tou could always experiment further if you want to.
PJ Profile
PJ answered
If you want one, go get one. Your height doesn't have anything to do with it. But maybe you could do other things to not feel so "plain," like contributing something to society. A tattoo isn't going to change your life. Volunteering somewhere just might.

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