I'm 21 special fat never had a boyfriend and have ugly freckles that no boy would ever like would you please tell me how to get rid of freckles for good. I want a boyfriend? Dont feed me that lies about all boys like different things.


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Arthur Wright answered
I wonder why? Let's see here, here's a girl that doesn't like herself very much as she thinks she's ugly and fat, and if she doesn't like herself, how can she expect someone else to? You have to love yourself first before anyone else ever will and guess what, the freckles are probably here to stay so get used to them and figure out a way to use them to your advantage and another thing; God doesn't make junk or ugly people so figure out what you hate about yourself and change it to the point you're happy with yourself but only you can do this and quit the self pity party here and do something, but nothing will ever happen until your change your attitude about yourself.
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Sarah Johnson answered
If you don't like yourself, than no one else will either. My Brother in law would be pretty upset if his wife got rid of her freckles, he thinks they're awesome.
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Maddie answered
But that isn't a lie. I'm just saying, different guys have different preferences - say, a guy likes a girl's personality while another enjoys her looks the most, or how she talks, or how she communicates. For freckles, I suggest makeup. Like liquid cover up or powder stuff at CVS Pharmacy or Kroger's. I don't think there's any way to get rid of freckles; makeup will only hide them.
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audrey wells answered
Hey yes this will be helpful, most guys like girls with freckles and I have freckles but I used to hate them, but now I don't because I did not think of them as freckles just think they are beauty marks and you can't get rid of freckles.
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To get rid of freckles- it's called EXPENSIVE SURGERY! Instead, why don't you just find your assets and focus on them? Who cares what you look like. EVERYONE is beautiful, people just have to believe in themselves for that beauty to stand out. If a guy is going to judge you based off looks, he does not deserve you.

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