What Exactly Are Freckles?


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Often referred to as a sign of beauty, freckles are small brownish coloured spots which are found on the skin. Usually they are only present on people with fair skin and some appear all the time whilst others only appear when sunlight has gotten to them. Basically they are pigment cells, which are cells that are a certain colour. They usually appear in small patches and they often overlap each other. Freckles are caused by melanin and there are mainly two different types of them found on the body.

Ephelides are one type of freckles and they are flat spots which are either red or light brown in colour. They are mainly hereditary and regular use of sun cream during summer helps to reduce the appearance of this type of freckle.

Lentigines are the other different type of freckle and children may develop a small brown, black, or tan coloured spot which is darker than the Ephelides freckle. These types of freckles do not fade in winter and they are occasionally linked to a rare genetic syndrome. However, most of the time they are just isolated spots which cause no harm whatsoever.
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I was taught that they are tiny patches of melanin (like moles) but they are tiny. Coloured/ black  people have lots of melanin in their skin and that's why its that colour. And it protects that particular part of the skin from  being burnt so much, but generally fairer people have more freckles so I think its something to do with that too 


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