I Am Getting Little Brown Spots All Over My Body They Kinda Look Like Freckles What Could They Be?


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It would appear that you may have liver or age spots. These spots appear after you have had long exposures to the sun or suffered from sunburn. Unfortunately these spots can be cancerous and so it is imperative that you get them checked by a doctor. Getting such spots looked at straight away can make a huge difference to the successful recovery rate - obtaining a medical opinion as soon as possible can not only put your mind at ease, but could end up saving your life.

Like many health concerns or changes in your body, it is understandable that you would prefer to do your own research and diagnosis online. This is not recommended, as the information you may gather from the internet may also not be from the medically qualified; you may obtain incorrect information that can actually be detrimental to your search for the correct diagnosis.

It is certainly always the best and most effective policy to go and see a doctor. As a qualified medical professional, they will have the capability to diagnose on inspection, or request for further tests in order to confirm the situation. Although this can sound daunting, the worse thing to do is to avoid the situation - you must face up to any worries and get a medical opinion as soon as possible, regardless of your fears. This could save your life in the long term.
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I had them when I was pregnant with each off my 5 kids its two do with hormones or if not pregnant still could be hormones x

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