How Can I Look Good?


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Honestly, take it from someone a little older, I'm 17 years old, so I kinda know how you feel. I spent over have of my teenage life so far trying to be like, dress like and impress the other girls at my school. And it just isn't worth it. If you really want to keep up with current fashion trends I would suggest reading some magazines, like seventeen, they often have good articles with cute trends, but also help girls to get the look and still be themselves. Also try finding someone you can look up to, like a celeb. Or older person who you can get ideas from. For me Hayley Williams, of Paramore, is a good role model, she is modest, and yet still cute and is herself, I get a lot of my ideas on makeup and clothing from her. Oh, and I don't think you're too young for makeup, but start out simple, pracetice with it when you're at home, and start with lighter colors.
I hope this helps!
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I don't know about all the fashion things that the girls are doing, but when I walk my 10 year old to school, the girls are sporting straight hair, short waisted jackets, shirts that look like they are wearing a few of them. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I hope I gave you some insight to what they are doing. (I left out the make up stuff, cause I don't think girls should wear it that young) Good luck sweetie.
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It sounds to me like you are going to be, and already are STYLISH. We, the stylish, want to look good, but dressing like a carbon copy of others is not the right look. People like you and I, we set styles, we don't make good copycats. You can get a jump on your friends by learning what IS CLASSIC, certain things never go out of style, and you need to build your wardrobe around these. They generally look good on all kinds of people, that is why they remain classic. Tailored shirts, straight leg pants, two piece suits, loafers, double breasted jackets are some classics like that. You need at least one party outfit, I suggest a tiered skirt or some jeans that are the current styles. The short jackets and jacket like tops are very chic. Accessories are the key to dressing an outfit up or down. For daytime, simple costume jewelry like the other girls wear, for parties you want to bling.Choose classic colors for your 'core' wardrobe...white, black, tan, navy, or jewel tones like pink and purple. When you buy New, keep in mind what you have that will go with it. Brooches are very avant garde right creative. Try new things, and if you have a long neck and oval shaped face, earings and hats will look especially good on you. A nice pair of stylish boots looks good with jeans or skirts and suits. Sweaters are classy and can tie different colors together. VESTS as opposed to layered tees are a stylish choice, and you will get compliments, and they go over jeans or skirts. Get some of the teen magazines like 17 or young Miss and you will find ideas for a wardrobe that will suit you. Then buy the less costly version at the store. More later.
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this is me at 18, I am wearing a blue 2 button tank top under a jewel toned tailored shirt. I have my hair braided at the sides rather than wearing a headband to keep my hair out of my face. the print of the shirt, tied in the light blue tank and dark purple/ blue skirt, and navy knee high boots. I was working as a teachers aide at the time so I had to keep my look school friendly. I really had not discovered jewelry yet, so you are way ahead of me. shout at me anytime you need to 'close on an outfit' and need an opinion, or anytime you want. I studied fashion merchandising for 2 years after this picture was taken. Good luck, be yourself and have fun.
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If you could give me some specifics about you, like hair and eye color, body shape, face shape and height, I could personalize the fashion ideas more directly for you, and be sure to tell me what you really like to wear! and Thanks for asking!
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Stop posting pictures of ugly dresses, maybe that's what the trolls are wearing this year but we sure as hell aren't

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