How can i have long and strong nails?


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1. You have to take care of them: Wear rubber gloves when doing work or dishes.

2. Diet: Eat healthy and try Zinc vitamins or foods like eggs/milk.

3. Cut your nails regularly to avoid chipping, and make sure that when you file them you avoid filing in a back-and-forth motion- only go in one direction, and do not file them after the shower because they will break easily.

4. Do not wear nail polish for more than the time you need to. If the color starts to chip off, it's best to just get rid of the left-over color as soon as possible.
And it's also recommended to wear a base coat to protect your nail from the color because with time they can discolor your nails.

5. Try not to use acetone to remove nail polish because they can dry your nails and give them a flaky look.

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