Do You Have Long Nails Or Short Nails?


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Kristi DeMilta answered
My nails are short; I don't like for them to grow out too long, otherwise they could split, break or become extremely damaged. Those things are attached! It hurts when that happens. XD
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Kk polly
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Yes, when I grow my nails out they take more maintenance to prevent painful situations. Lotion, trimming, filing, strengthening.
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Mati green answered
I used to have well manicured medium length nails until I started making pottery. I kept sticking my nails through the clay and ruining whatever I was throwing... So I cut them short... Now they just don't seem to grow. But that's ok.. When I start clinicals next spring I can't have nails anyway.
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lisa answered
That's funny.  I had just asked the question about how I can stop biting my nails and then I saw your question.  I have short nails, as if you didn't figure that one out.  Ha Ha.
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I have short nails I play the piano and type all the time. I don't want them too long
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Katy Bug answered
Nubs it's pretty bad I bite can't stop
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Kk polly answered

When I was really little they were short, because I bit them. I stopped biting after wearing nail polish, but I had to keep them trim for piano and gymnastics. After I saw one of my friends with longer nails, I decided I wanted long ones too. I don't cut my nails any more unless they split on their own, and I need to fix them up. I've learned to type with long nails; its kind of weird. I have scar though from a soccer team-mate's fingernail on my wrist.

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ali bailey answered
I have medium nails and I just quit biting my nails and my mom is like rly proud of me :D

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