How Long Do Nails Have To Be To Put On Acrylic Nails?


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It doesn't really matter the length of your nails. I have had some clients with extremely short nails, I'm talking almost nubs. The only thing about having extremely short nails is that they may not be as strong as if your natural nails were longer. You will be putting more pressure on your natural nails, so the artificial nails may have a tendency to pop off until your natural nails grow out a little longer. Once your natural nails have grown a little bit under the artificial nails, you will not have any problems. As for the length of the artificial nails, I would recommend a shorter length until your natural nails have some time to grow. I hope this has helped. Take care.
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You need to see the white part of the nail at the front, otherwise it would just be a waste of time and money as they will pop off within a few days, if you have really short nails, I suggest that you let them grow a little longer so they will last. :)
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The length of your real nails doesn't matter. They can do anything with any kind of length.
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I'm getting my nails done and I have very short nails I'm 11 will I be able to have them done

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