How Can I Take Professional Care For My Hands And Nails?


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You can give a new color and life to your nails by taking a little care of them. Let me tell you a simple method to manicure your nails. First of all what you have to do is to wash the hands. Let them dry and then file your nails with the help of emery board; you should do it with very tender and gentle strokes. Do not work a lot with the nail corners because this may weaken them. Then start giving shape to the nails; you can give them shape you like or that fits best for your fingers.

The next step is to apply the softener and after few minutes put your hands in the bowl of slightly warm water. Keep your hands in that water for about ten minutes. By doing so, you can easily remove the dead skin at the base of your nails. After doing this all apply hand lotion and start massaging your hand in the direction of palm to thumb. Keep massaging for few minutes and this will help the blood to circulate properly. Before applying the colors on your nails, do not forget to wash and dry your hands to remove any creamy affect of massaging.
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To keep one's self clean is a good habit. Also when your hands do a lot of things for you and help you live a comfortable life they definitely owe you professional care. The cosmetic beauty treatment for the hands, fingers and finger nails is called manicure. The same practice for the feet is called pedicure. Manicure is a Latin word, meaning the care for hands but it is more than just taking care of your hands and nails because in its definition it also includes the application of nail paints, artificial nails, and painting images on the nails. Many cosmetic saloons give manicure facilities these days but the procedure and routines are so simple that one can do it daily at home.

Starting with the hands first take some warm water in a deep pot and put some drops of lemon and rosewater in it. Lemon will serve as the cleaning agent while the rosewater while make your skin soft. While, warm water will help your hands to relax. Keep your hands soaked in it for ten to fifteen minutes, do some hand exercises mean while such as stretching and bending the fingers. Rub the palms with your fingers. When your muscles are relaxed get your hands out of the water and wipe them with the clean towel especially the deep curves of your back palm and fingers. Then comes, cleaning of the nails. Taking care of the nails is important because these are the most prominent part of your hand. Cleaning one's nails is a five to six step procedure that can be done easily. Firstly remove any nail polish or paint if you have applied, then get your nails clean underneath the nail cartilage, the area where it is not attached to the skin before beginning. Then cut and file your nails to give them proper shape. Then goes the cuticle removing. Your cuticle is that soft skin that forms at the bottom of your fingernail at the place where your fingernail cartilage and your skin meet. It is just like a foreskin. Its removal is good for your nail growth and health.

In the end apply some nail polish if you want to other wise your manicure is complete. Do not forget to apply some moisturizer in the end. Repeat this routine once a week. For your daily care, wash your hands and nails before and after every meal with some soap and make it a daily routine to apply moisturizer before you go to bed. It will keep your skin soft and clean. Hope this practice will benefit in taking good care of your hand. Remember, your hands owe you a lot of care because they do numerous things for you and never ask any reward.
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You can take care of it by oil...I think so zaitoon oil is best for muscles ok..

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