How do I have long stylish nails? I mean like those girls who have long stylish nails so even I wanna have them! Can anyone tell me how I get these kinda nails?


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To have long nails, you could have false ones applied by a nail technician or you could apply some yourself. However, these can damage the nails when removed and make them brittle.

To have natural long nails you will need to grow them. The most important factor is to not bite your nails. Drink lots of water, take a multi-vitamin, use cuticle oil regularly, and use base coats on your nails. The Sally Hansen range of nail varnishes are very good at keeping nails strong and healthy. When your nails have varnish on, don't use acetone to remove it as this can dry the nails out.

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Thank you so much! I better stop biting my nails! I try to not to break them but still end up doing so when I'm bored! Can you tell me anyways to stop this habit of mine?
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There are various methods you can try to stop biting your nails. One is to wrap them in plasters (adhesive bandages).

The main method nail biters use to try and break the habit is to apply a special varnish to them that tastes bad, such as Bitrex. This would be applied multiple times per day. Varnishes are available online or from your pharmacy.

You could also take up a hobby such as knitting that would keep your hands busy. Your mouth could be kept busy by chewing gum.
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Oh okay thank you very much! That's really helpful!
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The simple answer, if you bite your nails, would be to stop. However, if you're having trouble with that, try wearing a clear nail varnish. Every time you put your hand up to your mouth to bite your nails, the varnish will remind you not to. You can also buy varnishes which are specifically designed to care for your nails.
I have naturally strong nails, but I find that they become more brittle in the winter, and are therefore more likely to break, so if you're trying to grow your nails, try doing it over the summer!

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