Are There Any Disadvantages To Getting A Tattoo? Where Can I Find Designs For Tattoos?


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Well, I can think of two main disadvantages to getting a tattoo:

  1. They are very expensive and difficult to remove
  2. Getting a tattoo can expose you to some serious health risks
Removing a tattoo

Getting rid of a tattoo is painful, expensive, and difficult.
That's why making sure that you are happy with your tattoo design is really important.

I'd always recommend getting a tattoo after thinking carefully about what you want done, and whether it is likely to be something you'll be happy living with for the rest of your life.

Alternatively, changing your mind can mean several sessions of having your skin burnt off by laser (which is essentially what removing a tattoo entails). 
The health risks of getting a tattoo

The process of getting a tattoo involves breaking the skin and a small amount of bleeding. The equipment used, including the needles and the ink, needs to be sterile or serious infections can occur.

When a person gets a tattoo it is the same as getting a wound. The designated area will undergo skin damage and it will bleed, then scab.
There are a number of health risks associated with tattoos. The most common are usually allergic reactions. These allergies can be caused by a number of factors such as the powder on the rubber gloves, the ink, or anything used on the tender area during the process.

More serious health risks include the possibility of encountering Hepatitis B and C, HIV and AIDS.

Most tattoo studios take precautions to ensure that all the equipment they use is sterile and safe, but I'd always make sure that a tattooist has the relevant safety procedures and accreditation in place before booking yourself in for a session under the needle.

Cool tattoo designs

My recommendation if you're looking for cool tattoo designs is to check out particular artists rather than relying on the material that the studio has on display.
Often, studios are owned and run by one tattooist, and then other artists occupy 'residencies'. This is when artists give a percentage of their earnings to the studio in return for a place to work.

Here's some links to tattoo styles I really like:
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Yes it can hurt and if it's not done properly it can cause infection. There are tattoo designs everywhere on Google.
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I honestly think that a tattoo is the worst art you could possibly put on your body!!!

  • They remind you of memories.
  • They make your skin look better.
  • It’s a piece of art that will be with you all the time.
  • They mean something to you.
  • It becomes an addiction.
  • If your tattoo is visible you might not get employed for a job.
  • May affect your skin.
  • Costs a lot to get a removal.
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Advantages and disadvantages of tattoos The main disadvantage with getting a tattoo is the removal of it if you decide you don't like it anymore. Tattoo removal can be painful and take quite a long time to do.

Another disadvantage is the risk if infection from needles that haven't been sterilized. A good, reputable tattooist is the only person you should go to for a tattoo.

Tattoo designs As for designs you can have just about any design that you want. Many people like Celtic Artwork which is beautiful in its own right.

You might want something that you are interested in such as a design from a favourite book , or a flower, plant, animal for example.

Someone I know has tattoos of mythical creatures and characters from Norse mythology and another person I know has pre- Christain artwork from a chambered cairn in Ireland.

There's no end to the designs you can have.

It's a good idea to have a small tattoo first and see how comfortable you feel with it. If you like it you can always get another one done at a later date.
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Well it's a personal choice, but I am 31 yrs and I so regret getting a tattoo!

I would advise anyone not to ever get one. They are costly to get and more costly to remove.

There are certain colours which are really hard to remove, due to the pigment in the ink. So, it is important to make sure you choose the right kind of colours.

To find the best deals in tattoo making, go to "Ask Jeeves" or in "Google, type in: "suggestion for tattoos". Remember to find a honest tattoo artist and get references!
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Sometimes tattoos are good because they show that you support a particular cause, and they can also be a very nice piece of artwork.

If you're a Christian you could get a tattoo that says 'I love Jesus.' If you like animals you could get a tattoo of your favourite animal.If your a gardener you could get a tattoo of a tree or a plant.

You shouldn't ever get a tattoo of someone else's name, in case that person turns out to be a traitor or something.

The best place to get a tattoo is on your wrist or arm. It is better not to get one on a joint, such as your elbow, because that can be very painful.

Think carefully before getting the tattoo. Make sure you are getting one of something good, which you really support and believe in, and which you always will.

Also, make sure you go to a good tattooist, who sterilizes their needles and utensils after every use.
This is VERY important, otherwise you could get a disease.

Go to a tattooist with a good reputation, who you know would never give anyone an infection.

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