There Was A White Pimple Like Bump On My Knee. I Thought It Was An Ingrown Hair But Then It Started Swelling. What Should I Do?


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Where did you gets these meds and who told you to take them??  See the doctor and he /she will prescribe the RIGHT meds for YOU and your needs.  Don't play around with any injury that presents with red lines.  I have heard my whole life that is a sign of serious infection. You need to see a doctor.  If you cannot afford one go to the health department in your area and you might be able to be seen for free.
Stop taking meds that you don't know for certain you need.
Good Luck.
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Why are you taking such strong medication? You don't even know what it is. Stop treating yourself for something you don't know and go to the doctor if it hurts that bad. You never what it can be. I just don't know why is has a red line down your shin.
I don't know about you but I'm antsy pantsy when it comes to little pimples and pus. I pop it and squeez out the pus so it can relieve the inflammation. I don't recommend this to anybody ok, it's just me.
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That might be MRSA Staph infection and could be really dangerous. I do wrestling and there has been a breakout lately. If there's red lines it means the infection is spreading and you should see a doctor immediately.

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