Do Men Wear Angora Sweaters?


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Sure, men can wear angora sweaters.

Is It Common For Men To Wear Angora Sweaters?
It’s certainly getting that way. Angora is a really soft fabric, so in the past, it was often seen as a pretty feminine thing.

Nowadays, angora sweaters are actually quite fashionable for men. Wearing angora is a bit like wearing pink – it shows you’re comfortable with your sexuality and aren’t worried about stupid things like being called gay for wearing a fluffy fabric.

I own a couple of angora sweaters myself – I don’t wear them very often, but when it’s cold outside, they’re great to wear under a jacket. Angora sweaters are really warm and comfortable and a lot more contemporary than a zip-up fleece.

Angora sweaters for men tend to differ from angora sweaters for women, as they don’t usually have all that excess fluff. Angora is often mixed with other fabrics, to create a less furry look that’s still soft to touch.

Where Does Angora Come From? Angora is actually rabbit fur. Angora rabbits are the fluffiest things you'll ever see - they look like giant clouds with noses - and they shed their fur every few months. This fur is collected and used to make clothing.

That thing in the picture is not a pile of fluff - well, I suppose it is, but it's a real angora bunny, too.
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Rena Chisholm answered
Sure, angora sweaters look really pretty on men.
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Sure, I think a man looks sexy in an angora sweater.
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I certainly do! And the fluffier the better.

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