What Do Cow Girls Wear?


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Boots hat
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The same thing as cowboys. Are we talking about a real ranch/farm working cowgirl or a movie cowgirl. Hope this helps
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Bandanna, Jeans, Shirt, Vest, Boots, Hats, Curl their hair put alittle waves in it... Thats all I can think of...
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They usually wear tight jeans and really sexy shirts, mainly blouses.
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Ok more like jeans boots and comfy old t-shirt. Who wants to be working horses all day with your boobs threatening to spill out of your (quote on quote) "sexy" shirt.
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Cowboy hats, short skirts or tight blue jeans, cowboy boots or flip flops, tight tank top or lace tank top. See if this helps any.
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I don' t know sorry. Thats why I am searching for it on here but it is not given me any answers.
Sorry to disappoint you.


Hoedown Clothes

Black Hat
BRown/Black boots
Bandanna around your neck
White/Black shirt

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