Which Beauty And Personal Hygiene Products Is It OK To Share?


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Beauty products such as make up should not be shared. Perfume, hairspray, hair ribbons, barrettes, aftershave, cologne, hand cream, face cream n' the like R fine. A lot of people don't even mind sharing a roll on deodorant. ( I mind this one )

Hygiene products can B shared, but not the items you use to apply them with or if they R being used on an infection & being spread on with a person's hands that may have some infection still on them....such as a cream used for an infectious sore that that person put on with their hands & forgot to wash their hands between using it & putting it away..

A bar of soap, mouthwash, Q-tips, shower gel, razors, ( which men hate if a woman uses theirs) shampoo etc., R pretty safe 2 share.
You can even share your denture cream...LOL
But I wouldn't share a washcloth that was used for personal hygiene, a toothbrush, or anything used internally or that touched mucus membranes.

Some people don't mind sharing their personal/hygiene products with their significant others, but it's up to you if you do or you don't.
If someone is carrying an infectious disease or anything else catching....Like a Sty, Cold sore, HIV, or any type of communicable disease....Do NOT share !!
If you only have allergies...that's another story..

You should always B careful about sharing hygiene products. This can easily spread infections, etc. Even a  lipstick can spread canker sores n' such; so I always say...>>>>

B-4 you share....Beware !!
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Generally you don't want to share beauty and personal hygiene products at all, especially if you don't know the person. However, if you are really close to the person and you know everything about them (like your spouse or something) than I guess any hygiene products that don't go inside the body, contact blood, or are used around the mouth, pelvis, etc. Would be fine to share.
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Thanks Strange00
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I'd say it would depend on how funky she smells. You know when her miasma precedes her arrival.
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You never share any hygiene or beauty products with nobody and I mean nobody.  You never share a Toothbrush because you don't know if that person has somekind of infection in his or her mouth.  Even shampoo because you buy the shampoo that is best for your hair tipe and maybe you have oily hair but the next person don't and so if they use it often then it will damage their here.  The same with beauty products, you buy the products to fit your skin tipe and the next person might not have the same skin as yours and besides all that, if that person has a skin problem as she or he is using your products then you will also develop that same skin problem.

So all and all you never share these things
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Tooth paste but not tooth brushes. Spray on deodorant, after shave, hair spray. Styling gel, and stuff like that.
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None. I couldn't believe my daughter went to Florida with her friends and her close friend asked her to borrow her deodorant. I almost fell out when she came home and told me this. People have NO scruples. I don't even loan my tanning lotion!!~ Call me stingy....I don't care.
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None really!!
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Wadda ya think I got some kinda contajus didease or R U just cheep? I would share my afta shave wich gew.
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Not Really Much Of It. Maybe Borrow Tooth Paste Or Shampoo That's All .Nail Polish I Guess Too As Long As You Don't Spill It
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Any product that(is dispensed) has not made any physical contact with your body/in other words there is no chance that any transfer of a possible contaminate from your body will cause them problems or vice versa.even cosmetics can transfer diseases.even if you don't believe it. I shouldn't know this as a guy but they(the doctors show) say to actually throw make up out after the date and several uses because of skin rashes and infections that can be caused from them. They say the kits,bottles,tubes are like petri dishes just growing fungus among other things.ewwwww! Grossssss!.
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I wouldn't share much of anything. You can use the same boxes of disposable personal care products, but never reuse each other's things. If you are needing gloves or something like that but it's too expensive at stores, go online.There are some good places like twinmed, www.carecleaningandprotection.com, and other wholesalers that have good personal care and hygiene things cheap. But really, don't share things. It's not sanitary. People have too many germs these days.

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