What Could Cause A Red Spot To Appear On The Bridge Of Your Nose Like Dye Of Something Under The Skin That Disappears And Reappears Seemingly At Random?


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chou Lily answered
I am allergic to dust,so some red spots appear on my face.
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uatu zwatcher
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I have allergies to most perfumes, flower pollen and a Metal allergy but nothing has com in contact with the spot on my nose and if it was my metal allergy i'd have fluid filled blisters and itching, which i don't
the spot is just visually annoying
knowing i have a pencil eraser sized red spot in the middle of my face.
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Jessica Rabbit answered
Could be an alien implant... Or you could be a descendent of Rudolf the Red-nosed reindeer... On the other hand, it could just be a zit that refuses to surface all the way, and the skin on your nose hasn't become irritated enough for it to surface so you may rid yourself of it's mean blemish properties.

Does it hurt at all? What does it feel most like?
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uatu zwatcher
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No, no pain, no swelling it just looks like an irregular spot that is bright read like a thin layer of blood or dye just under the surface of the skin right where the cross piece of a pair of glasses would be if i wore glasses.
It just appears suddenly, lasts anywhere from minutes to days and fades away just as suddenly.
I am just worried it is a symptom of a illness but as a low paid wage slave without benefits i can't afford to go to a doctor.

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