Can Nose Piercings Cause Skin Cancer?


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Never heard that one before,and speaking as a lay person how can a nose piercing cause skin cancer,but you ask your Dr. And come back on and please let us know,until than I don't think so good luck.....
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Not sure if they cause them but I got a squamous cell carcinoma right next to the piercing shortly after I got my nose pierced...I wasn't sure what it was and left it, but it grew and unfortunately then had to undergo painful plastic surgery to to get the cancer cut out/my nose fixed and I now have an ugly scar
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I'm so sorry to hear that and that is possible because some people can and some people can't that is why it is best to be checked and never follow a fad, when it comes to your body, when pierced ears started some people got large knots on their ears and others it went smoothly,I hope there will be something that will help, to cover the damage.....

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