What Can I Do About Static Hair?


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What I did was got a cool air humidifier and put it in my bedroom, because you are in there for a steady amount of time when you sleep. Dry air is the culprit when it comes to static. One of my friends, that doesn't have a humidifier, boils a large pot of water every couple of days to get the water to evaporate into the air so that it adds a little humidity to the air in her house.

Other than that, when I was little, I used a squirt bottle to wet my hair just a little so that I could kind of tame it.

Two products that I also have are Loreal Vive Smooth-Intense Anti Frizz Serum and that comes in an orange pump bottle and the other is John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shine-Shock leave-on perfecting glosser. (That also comes for blondes and red heads so if you are a different hair color, they have the same product for those)

Hope that helps! >^_^<
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Well if static is your problem and you're not talking about frizz then you can squirt a little bit of lotion into your hands and rub it in almost fully and then lightly run your hands over your hair and that should tame that static. And as far as frizz is concerned try using products like chi oil or biosilk silk therapy (just remember a little bit goes a long way) and try using it when your hair is wet before you dry it!!! I hope this helps !!!!
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All I can tell you is that you shouldn't use Head and Shoulders unless you have to, don't use Suave either. These shampoos make your hair static like.  If you have to go to the travel section of a grocery or drug store and buy the little bottles of shampoo and sample them to see which shampoo is best.
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Sometimes wetting your hair brush under the faucet can reduce staic electricity. But knowing it's in the winter season and it's very cold outside, try to avoid going outside with your hair dry, and try to avoid fleece jackets and clothing.

Hope I helped,

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