What Are The Prices Of A Hair Cut At Fantastic Sams?


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Fantastic Sams states that they cannot put their prices on the website as the prices vary from salon to salon and also the condition of your hair to start with. However it is possible to find out this information in general terms, although as Fantastic Sam says; each salon, stylist and region will have its own prices. Men’s' haircuts can start from as little as $10 as there are a lot of websites that will offer coupons for this hairdressers. Colours may start at around $30-50 and again the coupons will help you with the costs. Fantastic Sams even have a Facebook page, so you can sign up to find out about discounts and special offers.
Fantastic Sams has been in business since the 1970s and it has franchises all over America; 1300 in 42 states according to their LinkedIn page! Their website, although not useful for prices, does have a lot of hair related information, from styling tips to how to help stressed and frizzy hair. They also offer a helpful interactive tool to help you find the salon in your area; there's sure to be one. There is also information on opening a franchise, where perhaps you can conquer the other states.
You can easily find websites that will offer you the coupons mentioned above but if you are not lucky enough to find some coupons for Fantastic Sams then your best bet in finding out their prices are to give your local salon a call. Any information on this page is meant for your interest only.
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Prices are different in different regions. Do a google search for the nearest Fantastic Sam's in your area and call them. Last time I had my hair cut at a Fantastic Sam's it was in Michigan about 6 years ago, and it was only $9.00. Super Cuts are similar to Fantastic Sam's, and I go there here in Mississippi, and they charge $12.99 for a cut. Also Walmart has great salons and their price for an adult haircut is $14.00.
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Usually about $10
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Two bits is an excellent price and the right price
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A simple idea, since many people may have not even went there before is this ; go HERE. This may work well ; it is the OFFICIAL site of Fantastic Sams. If you type in your info., you can get a salon near your house & get the number. &Ask them yourself. Specify exactly what you want & you should be good.

Or, if that don't work & you HAVE the address of the FS's salon - call 411 directory services. Always works. :]

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Anybody ever go to fantastic sams in monterey park? How much did they charge you for a haircut and blow dry?

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