Any girls know of hair growth ideas or products that work my hair seems to never grow? Help me out.


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I cannot tell you it works, because as you can see, cueball me has no testimonial.

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I'm  guy. But I'd say, There's no certain way of growing your hair faster.However there's so many factors you can consider & follow,To make sure you helping the process.

Healthy eating (Fruit, vegetables and iron-containing foods)

Brushing the hair (Brushing the hair (before and after washing it) stimulates the blood flow to the scalp and distributes the nutrients in the hair more evenly, Don't brush when your hair is wet.

Massaging your scalp while showering

Avoid stress

Vitamin A, C, H, and all the B vitamins, zinc, can help as well.

Don't use Shampoos with silicone (This type of shampoos dries out the hair and causes it to break down faster)

Avoid UV light, If you also have to be out for several hours in touch with sunlight try to use a hat or things to product your hair. (only if it takes so long period of time)

Be careful while using hair ties & clips, When you wearing them or taking them off, do it very lightly or it will pull your hairs out.. Use them less if you can.

Avoid using devices to warmth or shape your hair. The extra heat of these chemical devices will make your hair's growth process slower & in danger of falling.

Avoid using chemical creams to bright or shape your hair as well, They have same effect as the hair devices.

No bleaching & dyeing.

Make sure you wash your hair very well & properly. If any foams stay on your scalp it will turn into masses & the masses makes your hair growth weaker instead it will turn into falling hair

Then no one can't tell you the right product.You only know it. Go & find out about your skin & hair's type. Get the right shampoo to match with your hair's type. Also make sure your scalp & hairs doesn't contain any infection & make sure if your hair's condition is good. If you have any vitamin less than what your hairs needs, then you need to add them.

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Stay the way you are. You look very distinguished.

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