What To Wear On Wacky Tacky Day At School?


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Wear a pair of jeans with shorts or spandex on top. Then where a shirt inside out and backwards. Wear a weird pair of glasses and make your hair all weird.  Then wear one ugg, or boot and one converse, or tennis shoe.
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vange vega answered
We had wacky tacky day at skool at few days ago and most people wore big glasses, knee high socks, crazy ponytails, weird t-shirts, and supenders
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BreBre Yeaah'z answered
You shud like wear suspenders nd a toto with long diffrerent knee high socks sum polo if you got your poked out glasses nd there yuh go lol we have wacky tacky day next week same ting I'm wearin !!
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Eunice Kwarteng answered
Skirt over basketball shorts, two diffrent type of shoes. Nd multi color jewerly

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