Why Should Teenagers Not Be Allowed To Wear Designer Clothes At School?


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I guess there are a number of reasons why teens wearing designer clothes to school might be a problem:

  • It'll encourage a divide between students who can afford to wear designer clothes and those who can't
  • Expensive clothing can easily be damaged or dirtied in the rough-and-tumble environment of most high-schools
  • It may cause jealousy and resentment in students who can't afford to wear designer clothes
  • Designer clothes encourage an environment in which people are judged by their outward appearance
Why designer clothes shouldn't be worn in schools

The main reason schools often discourage teenagers from wearing designer clothes is because they are looking to avoid the kind of environment where clothing and wealth divide students.

I won't pretend that this doesn't happen regardless of whether designer clothes come into the equation, but there is certainly no need to encourage it.

Highs-schools are well known for having different 'cliques' which adhere to conventions when it comes to their clothing. There'll always be students whose parents can afford to buy them the latest threads, whilst other parents rely on thrift stores to dress their kids.

Introducing designer labels, which are built on hype and brand image, will only serve to intensify that gap.

Teenagers wearing designer clothing

If a girl waltzes into third period French dressed in something that says 'look at me, my parents have spent hundreds of dollars on my outfit' this will cause a reaction in other students.

Some might flock to her for her style and wealth, whilst others might resent her and even feel jealous or angry. High-school is enough of a hormonal hot-bed without these kinds of scenarios.

My opinion is that there is nothing wrong in wanting to look nice, but there are plenty of nice-looking clothes that don't make a statement about someone's financial background.

In addition, clothes that you wear for hours on end at school should be practical and comfortable before anything else.

Realistically, trends and fashion will always have a place in the classroom, but it's knowing where the line is that is important in keeping the balance.
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It causes bad feeling among other pupils whose parents cannot or will not buy such stupid clothes. That's why school uniforms are a good idea.
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Mary Patterson answered

I think, it is not correct. Surely, design clothes are more expensive then the others. But Isn't it a choice of teenager  or his parents of what to wear?

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