What Shoes To Wear On White Capri And A White Top For A Party In School We Have? Help Me?


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Chelsea Chiffon answered
Well you could try a silver heel not to tall but just right for your height. You could also wear a bright colored shoe, since you have all white any color would do just fine. If you wear a white shoe you can play it up with colorful accessories as well. It really all depends on what you think looks good on you. You know what you like and how you like to wear things so my best advice is to go with what you feel comfortable with.
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Laura Wilde answered
Try a pair of flat slip one's with a rounded toe.  Punch up the color.  Make them fun.  You can even look for a bag to match.
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Charice Miller answered
You should try a pop of color - maybe an aqua blue. Soooo, strappy blue sandals with maybe a matching belt on the top or a bag. You should try to jazz it up with some jewelery.

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