Tomorrow Is Decade Day At School For Spirit Week. What Should I Wear?


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Robin Burden answered
We used to have a similar event at my school when I was young - and I absolutely loved it!

You're at a great advantage because, since my school days, there have been quite a few decades of interesting fashion styles.

Dressing up for decade week
When you're picking a decade to base your outfit on, there are two things to consider:

  • What decade are you most interested in?
  • What kind of resources are available to you? 
If you look at fashion throughout the years, there are so many great decades to choose from! Visiting a thrift store and seeing what they've got on their rails might be a good way to narrow down your options.

In my opinion, the '80s is a good decade to pick, just because vintage stores seem to have lots of '80s clothing on offer.

Some of your 'older' relatives might also have outfits gathering dust in their attic that they might be willing to lend to you.

Other great eras you might be interested are the following:

  • Roaring '20s-'30s
  • '50s rockabilly
  • '60s hippy
  • '70s-'80s disco
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There are so many generations out there that you can choose from.

There is the roaring '20s and '30s, the '50s were poodle skirts and penny loafers, the '60s and '70s were tie dye and hippie stuff, with bell bottoms, and then there was disco in the '80s.

So much to choose from!

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