What Should A Girl Wear On Tacky Day Tomorrow?


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Dressing up for Tacky Day usually involves creating an outfit that looks dated, ridiculous and just plain crazy.

I'd recommend getting creative and choosing the most mismatched clothes in your wardrobe (you may also want to raid your parents' wardrobe too).

What to wear for tacky day The great thing about Tacky Day is that there's no pressure. It's the one day of the year when you can get away with wearing pretty much anything you want to.

For some people, dressing tacky means wearing a polka-dot tie and a green beanie hat with an orange bell. For others, committing an offence like being seen with last season's Marc Jacobs handbag might be seen as tacky.

Ideas for Tacky Day clothing
Based on my tacky dress-sense, here are a few ideas for the perfect Tacky Day ensemble:

Mismatched shoes are a must, and ridiculous accessories like alarm-clock necklaces are also more than acceptable!

You can never wear enough animal print on Tacky Day, so now's the time to pull out those zebra print leggings.

No matter how well-dressed and fashion-conscious you might usually be, there's bound to be something knocking about your house that you can wear for Tacky Day.

If you're really stuck for ideas, why not visit a a thrift store, as they usually have lots of tacky '80s clothing to choose from.
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Non matching clothes: Hat, ties, bandanna, leg warmers, baseball pants, Spider Man shirt.

It will look hot!

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