Can You Suggest Some Home Remedies To Remove Pigmentation On Body?


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Well dear!

I will suggest you some of the tips and the remaining you can access from the link which I will give you.
  • Grind the peels of orange in a grinder after drying them. Apply the paste on the pigments.
  • Rub Jaiphal in milk and then apply the paste on the pigment marks
Please click on the link to get more tips: Tips

Best of luck and have fun!
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Ms.Jennifer pls give me an idea or medicine that i will use so that my pigmention in my legs will remove pls!!!i need your help
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I have these pigmentation spots on the back of my legs and they're so embarrassing!! Plz help. I need a home remedie because I don't want my mom to know I'm trying to get rid of them.

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