What Is Pigmentation? How To Get Rid Of Pigmentation?


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Pigmentation is discoloring of the skin that usually occurs when the skin has been exposed to the sun and has been damaged. Freckles, age spots and other discoloration are the most common forms of skin pigmentation. Some people are born with freckles while others develop them as they age and have been exposed to the sun.
Age spots, also known as liver spots, and other pigmentation issues can be reduced although you should always consult your doctor before trying to fade them. You can purchase over-the-counter exfoliating products containing alpha hydroxyl that can be used on the hands, face, arms, legs, chest and shoulders to reduce pigmentation marks. These exfoliators should be used at night time and they remove dead skin cells to reveal the unpigmented skin after regular use.
There are also daily exfoliators that you can use during the day in conjunction with sun block to help protect your skin. Both the night and day exfoliation process takes a few weeks to work. You may notice fast results if the pigmentation you are trying to fade is light.
Some people prefer to use natural bleachers on their skin such as vitamin C and lemon juice. You would apply both to the area you wish to fade.  Vitamin C also helps protect your skin and it may help reduce ageing signs by regenerating and tightening the skin.
Always test products on an area of skin that is less visible to ensure that you do not get a rash or other irritation from it. When going out in the sun, wear a hat, sunglasses and sun block to protect your skin from developing other pigmentation problems. If you have any problems with any over-the-counter products, discontinue use and see your doctor right away. He or she may have a product that is better for your particular needs.
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I hate looking into the mirror because of my dark patches on my cheeks. I've had this ugly problem since 8 years. I've tried everything possible but nothing seems to work. Please help!!!!
What is the most effective way without having any side effects?
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There are two definitions of pigmentation.
1-Natural Color (of plants and animals)
2-Discoloration (abnormal coloring in plants or animals because of a disease).
You should apply a few skin lightening products and also, keep yourself protected from the sun. The sun will further darken discolored areas. Hydroquinone Night Cream is very effective in pigmentation.
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Pigmentation is basically just the colouring of the skin. If you are wanting to remove pigmentation and have a lighter complexion, especially for specific areas of darker pigmentation, there are products (mainly creams) that you can use to reduce this, e.g. - this one here. The other option is laser treatment, but that is normally used for more specific blemishes and smaller areas of abnormal pigmention (that is, abnormal to the majority of your skin colour).

Try having a look around online for more products and maybe even go into a couple of stores to test whats best.

In my opinion however, with skin being the largest organ of your body, it's not something that should be mucked around with. If your skin is healthy, regardless of the colour, I reckon you should count your blessings and give yourself a hug.
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Pigmentation is caused by pigment called melanin , which is produced by the cells called melanocytes , it helps us to with stand heat and protects our body from harmful radiations and prevent diseases like skin cancer

there are medicines designed to reduce the count of melanocytes and glutathione tablets can reduce skin tone
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Unhealthy lifestyle choices, bad genes, excess exposure to UV rays, and allergies are some reasons that can result in the skin problem.

Hyperpigmentation can impact a person’s overall appearance, often resulting in self-esteem issues. If you are suffering from the problem, consult a skin specialist immediately. While pigmentation is not a medical condition, it may be a result of medical problems. The expert will check your skin tone and type and recommend a treatment procedure accordingly to ensure you get the best results. Or if you are the kind who doesn’t want to visit a doctor you may try products like Melblok or scope for some effective non degrading sunscreens with brightening effect. Good Peel off masks with brightening effect can also be useful.

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