My skin is dry and have blackheads can you suggest me some home remedies to avoid them?


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Honey can help get rid of the blackheads. Also, I've heard toothpaste works well too.

As for the dry skin, I would try drinking more water, especially if it's dry around the mouth and nose. You can also try steaming your face by taking a hot shower or using the sink. This opens your pores and will allow more moisture to sink into your skin.

Hope this helps :)

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Soren Answer answered

Make sure you're not washing your face so much. Also, chlorine from the pool can dry your face out. Before you wash your face, wash your hands really well with dish soap or something equivalent to get all oil and grease off of your hands and fingers. Otherwise, that's going into your pores. When done washing your face, rinse with cold water to close the pores.

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