Are There Any Natural Remedies Or Home Made Remedies To Cure The Pigmentation Got Of Lichen Planus?


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Lichen Planus is a rash like condition, though it is not understood what causes it.Lichen Planus commonly affects sites near the wrists or the ankles and leaves people in distress as it causes unsightly marks on these areas.
There is currently no treatment or cure for Lichen Planus, though there are a number of ways in which it can be helped.
Medicines used to treat lichen planus include:

  • * Oral and topical steroids.
  • * Oral retinoids
  • * immunosuppressant medications
  • * hydroxychloroquine
  • * tacrolimus
  • * dapsone

There have been a number of tests about the disease that have shown some positive movement in the way it is dealt with, many of these involve the use of gold salts and mercury salts which are used commonly with homeopathy. These nosodes are said to work with the underlying the pathogenesis of Lichen Planus and cause these rash like problems. The use of these will prevent the dark spots caused by the rash.
Initially the spots appear as reddish lesions on the skin and can also be a little scaly. To determine whether anything like this is Lichen Planus you should get a skin biopsy. This involves a piece of skin being taken off from the area and examined to see exactly what it is.
If it is seen as the above Lichen Planus then you can take the above discussed action to try and sort out the black spots that occur. Discuss this with a medical professional before you engage in any treatments.
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I have had lichen planus for years off and on.  Usually I will get lesions on my ankles and wrist and sometimes the top of my feet.  topical steriods are useless. Although they are good at moisturizing skin.  what I would suggest first and foremost is to try to stop or decrease sugar consumption.  Also watch your vitamin d intake as well. Taking 250mg of magnesium has been very helpful for me and I do also take large dosages of acidopholis tablets. Why?  because acidopholis is the good bacteria and it helps the immune system. I also drink to 2 glasses of warm water with 1/2 of lemon each everyday. One in morning and one and the evening.  So far these things have worked for me.  But please don't expect over night results and DO NOT over dry out your face by washing too often and of course moisterize with a none pore clogging lotion such as clinque.
good luck to you and try not to stress out.
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Hi I am sorry to hear you are still having symptoms. I had LP of the skin but it only took 4 months to go away and I believe it was because of me being adamant about what I ate and making lifestyle changes.
I have had LP off and on for most of my life. Whenever I have another outbreak it is usually triggered from stress. Ask yourself what there is about your life that might be unhealthy for you emotionally and make changes. It may be your job or an unhappy marriage. Whatever it is you must decide whats best for you.
Stress messes up the whole immune system. I personally believe that LP is triggered from some truamatic experience. Someone should do research on this subject and do a study. I myself survived a childhood with an abusive alcoholic mother who was physically and emotionally abusive to me.
Try to find a place of peace within yourself by doing deep breathing exersises and meditation. Also cut back on the sugar and carbs. Eat more veggies and lean meat. Take Acidophilus everyday. Drink warm Lemon with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper every morning. Take a magnesium with calcium supplement everyday. I will pray that things get better for you if they haven't already have.
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You can use the following home remedies for curing pigmentation of Lichen Planus:
- Keep your skin lubricated with any kind of cream
- Use Vaseline and cortisone compounds
- Use Antihistamines as it helps the itching.
- Avoid hot weather and heavy sweating
- Ultraviolet light therapy is beneficial
- Use occlusive dressing over topical medication
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EXFOLIATION!!! I had LP for 4 months that left horrible scaring. I exfoliate my skin before I shower or bath and then I moisturize with a cream or lotion that has Alpha or Beta Hydroxy and it has worked wonders. I also drink warm lemon water with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper every morning that is a known natural remedy for healthy skin.
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There is No known cure for LP. But it is curable. However I find that the convention methods that Doctors use in treating this disease is useless. My LP only lasted 4 months because I speeded up the healing process the natural way by eating healthier, taking supplements and eleviating as much stress as I could from my life.
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Lichen planus is characterized by inflammation and itching in the mouth and on skin. Cause of this disorder is not known. There are no permanent treatments available. Only symptomatic relief is possible with some medicines like topical steroids, injections of steroids, anti allergy medicines, immune suppressing medicines, topical retinoic acid cream, and ultraviolet therapy. You should discuss these treatment options with your doctor but remember, all treatments can take longer duartion which can be up to 18 months.

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