Do Guys Prefer Girls To Shave Their Pubic Hair Or Not?


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Not this guy.

I don't understand how this has become the popular thing to do.  From porn?  If so, why would girls want to look like trashy porn stars?

A little trimming is fine -- I do that myself -- but shaving is just a turn off, in my opinion.
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Just depends on the person you are with. Personally I like a woman to be natural..lots of hair is fine with me
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Before I started shaving my bush, guys who had the good luck to view me would tell me how they loved a nice, thick bush.  During the two years that I shaved it off, guys would tell me that they loved the appearance of a shaved pubic area.  Now that I'm back to letting it grow naturally, lucky guys tell me thet they love it full and thick.  Guys are just happy to see some nooky and they love whatever kind they find.
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It's a matter of personal preference. Some women actually make cute symbols, or designs,or even slight tufts that are sexy. Other women have it fully covered. Still, others have it bare. It all looks good, just depends on the comfort level and how the woman feels about her body.
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Certainly.  As a guy seeing a gal with an unrully bush is gross.  In fact my wife waxes mine because she doesn't like an unrully bush on a guy either ... And that has held true with a number of gals I know.
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I like a girl to have hair, anything from trimmed to a landing strip but nothing else then the strip. I have got to have something to run my fingures through while I am exploring her down there!  I shave my hair into the landing strip shape and girls love it plus it is a lot cooler, neater and nicer looking!
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I love it shaved! No hairs to pick out and so smooth I can give hickeys down there and spend half the night investigating... Lol
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Shaved is good, some hair is good but if it looks like I discovered big foot when I took her panties off its a no go,,

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