Do Girls Wear Plastic Panties?


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Plastic panties are often associated with incontinence and sexual fetish, and these are the two main reasons a girl might wear them.

How many girls wear plastic panties under their clothes? I apologize if I'm shattering your kinky dreams, but hardly any girls wear plastic panties under their clothes.

Underwear is meant to be comfortable and discreet - and wearing plastic panties would fulfill neither of these criteria.

In a medical context, plastic panties might be worn over padding, diapers or absorbent underwear. Their role would be to 'catch' any spillage that might occur due to incontinence.

Girls that wear sexy plastic pants
In a sexual context, plastic panties can be worn for the arousal of the wearer, to turn someone else on, or for a bit of both!

If you've accidentally landed on this page and are wondering what I'm on about, you only need to visit one of the many plastic panty fetish sites to see how much of a stir this type of synthetically-made underwear is causing.

On one site I came across, a user described the feeling of vinyl panties against his warm skin as 'heavenly'. Most erotic plastic panty stories feature a wearer who likes to wet him/herself, and the sex involved can get quite graphic!
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Yes - I use them during very heavy periods. My dd sometimes wears them when she is witholding.
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Yes they do, more so teen girls.
They wear them to feel cute and girlish for special occasions.
Some teen girls wear them on dates to prevent their boyfriend wanting to have sex with them.
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I am catholic and at my parish, for baptisms the preteen and teen girls wear the poofy, white, midthigh length dresses with a matching bonnet, tights or lace socks and white shoes. A diaper and /or plastic pants is worn under the dress. 

I have seen many teen girls baptized with the diaper and plastic pants or just the plastic pants under their dresses and they look very cute and infant like. The same is also done under their first communion and confirmation dresses as well.

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I was confirmed at 16 and had to wear white plastic pants under my white confirmation dress.  They were required for all the girls.

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