How Can I Put Moisture Back Into My Hair. It's Really Dry?


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Dry hairs are result of seborrhea. This will result in increase dandruff on your skull. Avoid dandruff and completely remove hairs by razor. The new hairs will come soft. To keep them soft, use egg + yogurt on skull.
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Look for hair moisturizing Conditioners, they have the emergency kits for really damaged hair, and for every kind of hair. I use a mixture of Infusium 23 and water in my spray bottle for wetting my curly perm because I have dead straight hair. I also use good leave in moisturizers right after a process.
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I forgot to add that it is important to keep those split ends clipped. [picture is of me in the Navy with just done perm.] and I generally wait 48 hrs. to put anything on my hair after a process, this is to make the style last longer.
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Pour coffee and water mixed together in your hair
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This might sound gross, put a little bit of mayo in your hair or you can also use coconut milk.

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