How Do You Remove An Earring That Is Stuck In Your Ear?


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My earrings got stuck in my ears about five weeks after I got them pierced (I was 11 years old), I found a plain silver pair and stood in the bathroom wondering what to do. I dabbed around the earrings with cold water and tied my hair out of the way. I held onto the stud and backing and took a deep breath.I pulled the earrings and eventually them came loose and I could take them out. I cried a bit because of the pain. About five minutes later the holes started to close up, so I had to work quickly. I rammed the new studs into the holes and put the old ones in the bin as they had gooey stuff all over them (they had been infected for about 3 weeks and weren't getting better although I cleaned them everyday), and hoped that these ones would help. My ears were very red and sore for about an hour afterwards but I didn't really care. My earrings healed well after that and I have had my ears pierced for about a year now. I think earrings look really nice.
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I had that happen yesterday and my mom cleaned them a lot then she pushed it out slowly and it hurt only a little bit.
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Try rubbing hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol on them to clean them then be patient about it and you will get it out. For about the first two months after u get your earrings a you should spritz rubbing alcohol on them and twist them around u can do this any other time also if they start to get infected.

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