How Do You Make Earring Holders?


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Making earring holders is a very simple craft task.
You need to first take a piece of cardboard, big enough to accommodate about 5 pairs of earrings. Now cut it out into a shape that will be convenient to utilize and hang in the cupboard or on the wall. Next, use a 1/8inch punch to make holes in the cardboard about half an inch apart. Alternately you can also make holes in the cardboard using a compass.

If you don't wish to have one big earring holder you can also make many smaller ones, one for each pair of earrings. To make it look fancier you can also paint on the cardboard. Add satin ribbon to it so that it is much easier to hang the earring holder. You can also gift this to some of your female friends.
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You take paper and tape you put the earrings through the paper and stick it to the wall

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