Why Does My Earring Smell Bad?


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If you're noticing a foul smell coming from your earring, this is caused by dead skin cells and your body's natural oil getting trapped by your piercing.

This smell is totally natural, and really easy to prevent.

Why does my piercing smell bad? The smell associated with ear piercings can be unpleasant, and is often compared to the stink of rotten cheese!

However, the cause of the smell is pretty harmless, and doesn't necessarily mean your piercing has become infected.

Here are three things that can make your earring smell:

  • When you get your ears pierced, tiny cuts are still present around the piercing - even after it has apparently healed fully. This will secrete small amounts of blood and plasma.
  • In addition, your skin in general is constantly shedding and regrowing. An earring will block a lot of the dead skin you'd normally shed from falling away - instead it gets trapped underneath your piercing and starts smelling a bit funky.
  • Finally, your skin is also made up of lots of tiny pores which are constantly secreting sweat and natural oils. These will also get trapped by an earring (especially a stretched-lobe piercing or 'tunnel').

How do I stop my earring from smelling bad? If you want to get rid of the stink from your earring, you basically need to take care of it - continuously.
Make sure to rinse your piercing out once or twice a day with a warm water and sea-salt solution. Don't use alcohol-based products as these will dry out your skin.

Follow your saline wash by drying thoroughly - as a wet piercing is a perfect place for bacteria to grow.

You may also want to use an anti-bacterial cream around the area.

If you follow these simple steps, your earring should look and smell great.

If you're still having problems despite trying this method, I'd recommend visiting your piercer or a healthcare professional to rule out infection, though.

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Craig Kamocha answered
Because The pierced hole In your ear might be infected, hence causing stuff to come out - which makes your earring smell bad.
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Vanessa Beatrix answered

It is because you didn't clean it every day. If you clean it every day, your earrings won't be smelly anymore!


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