My Daughter Had Her Tongue Pierced Age 15 Without My Consent I Went To Confront The Shop That Did It And They Said Because She Signed A Consent Form Herself And Lied About Her Age Although No I.d Was Asked For They Said They Were In There Right To It?


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Where I live the parents have to be with them to do it, but the laws on that vary from state to state... When an under age child gets pierced here they keep the parents Id on file as well as a signed form. The shop is trying to cover their tracks there has to be a way of reporting them... To the better business bureau, and if they will pierce an under age child they are probably doing other illegal things so I would report them to the health department. Get them where it hurts in the end they could loose their license to operate.
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Thank you i contacted trading standards they said they are not breaking the law as she signed her own consent form and lied about her age nothing i can do.
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Still sounds fishy i would see if there are any other ways to report them.... She may have lied about her age but they're not stupid they just wanted her money and on that note i have no respect for them as a business as my bf does that line of work and so does my brother...
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You have a legitimate legal case if you want to pursue this matter.  The point is, they didn't ask for I.d. And the fact that she is a minor, they were not supposed to contract with her.  I would seek the advice of an attorney especially if your daughter has had any side effects from this.
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No a parent consent is needed for children under 18 and the shop would of had to ask for an id they just wanted quick easy money n they got it you can call the cops on it they will get in trouble

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