How Can I Make Exfoliating Masks At My Home?


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This is common observance that exfoliation of oats work as the best cleansers and the green vegetables like mint and cucumber refresh the skin. They can work even superb if you combine these things to make mask according to the type of your skin. These masks are so simple to make at home and their results are so good that you feel your skin getting soft and young.

One of the best exfoliating masks can be made by oats that is helpful to maintain the dry skin fresh and soft. You can make it at home so easily just by mixing dry oatmeal with slightly warm water; make a paste and apply it on your face for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Another great mask can be made by mixing the aguacate with the honey and grinded almonds; mix them well till they take a structure of cream. Apply on your face and keep your skin relax for about twenty minutes and then rub gently before washing with the slightly warm water; you will feel an obvious difference. Another easy mask can be made at your home by simply mixing two table spoons of milk, a half cup of cornmeal and one egg white; mix well to make paste and then apply on face for about twenty minutes.
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Ok, both of the top two answers are good ones, the third seems a little time consuming.... I have exzema and what I use, is a mix of quick oats and sugar and warm water...and for my lips alone, I mix a spoon full of honey with a spoon full of sugar.

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