Where Can I Get Pictures Of The 1920s Fashion Dress Code?


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When someone says 1920s fashion I immediately think roaring '20s flappers, Dutch caps and Mary Pickford. The 1920s is often seen as the decade in which women's fashion 'modernized'.

Previous decades saw women wearing rather uncomfortable and elaborate outfits, but the '20s marked the advent of women wearing trousers and short skirts.

If you're looking for some stunning photographic evidence of the era's fashion trends, simply keep reading!

Pictures of 1920s Fashion
It's hard to come up with one single resource that encapsulates the spirit and flamboyance of 1920s fashion, so I'd recommend checking out all of the following sources:
Dress code of the 1920s

If you're looking to get a glimpse of '20s fashion, I'd definitely recommend checking out HBO's period drama Boardwalk Empire. The setting for the drama is 1920s Atlantic City, and the outfits are a real talking pint.

The show boasts costume design headed by John Dunn and tailored by Martin Greenfield and, in my opinion, is as close as you are going to get to the real thing.

The outfits used in the show are based on '20s tailoring books in the Fashion Institute of Technology's library.

If you're looking for some real inspiration, why not check out the following video of John Dunn showing off the show's costumes behind the scenes:

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