How Good Is Fantastic Sams At Cutting Hair?


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Jill Carter answered
Well I used to think they SUCKED! But now that we are in a recession, paying over $100 for a haircut seems pretty stupid. I actually went to a Fantastic Sams last month and they did a perfectly fine job. My advice is to just get blow dry after cut abd tell them not to "style" it. It usually ends up kind of helmet like.
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Sometimes you get what you pay for, but my daughter has had some good cuts from there. Kind of depends on who's doing it:)
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I've had my hair cut at many different places. It depends on the stylist. I have had the same one for many years. She is the manager at a Mastercuts. Costs me $15.00. She has so much business that she can't keep up. She's constantly booked. Like I said - depends on the stylist.
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The stylists at Fantastic Sams do not have all the advanced training that many of the higher priced salons do. Sometimes you can luck out by finding a stylist that does good work. When you do find a good stylist, be sure to remember his or her name so that you can make a request the next time you get your hair cut there.
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Well, not really, try to shoot for something a little higher, I go to Aveda, and it costs more, sure, but it's worth it to me, hair is SO important, the people that are at Fantastic Sam's are there for a reason, they'd make way more money nearly anywhere else.

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