I've seen girls young and older wearing pants or shorts so low cut their pubic hair's showing and they know it, do any guys do the same thing? I've done it a few times and the girls will stop and stare. Would girls like guys doing this?


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Kaitlin Bleh Profile
Kaitlin Bleh answered
I don't think that is cool. I mean that's kinda gross. I don't know who would want to see that. I wear short shorts, but not that short.
Addilynn All Star Profile
Eww tht is disgusting if I ever see a guy doing tht all his chances of winning my heart are out the window and down the drain..8)
April Obregon Profile
April Obregon answered
Unless the girl is a sex maniac whos secretly obsessed with you I doubt she will.
Neela De Lillio Profile
Neela De Lillio answered
I'm a girl and no girls don't like that! That would be extremely gross don't do it, caus I saw a girl do that in the mall and she looked like a complete whore.
Lee Jay Profile
Lee Jay answered
I've seen that too with pubic hair showing, but I think that is gross.  However I am a guy and yes I do wear pants or shorts that are pretty low cut ... But I also get a bikini or Brazilian waxing so my pubic hair doesn't show publically.

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