What Should U Look For When Purchasing A Pair Of Fitness Shoes?

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A good pair of fitness shoes should be comfortable and padded and depending on what different kinds of fitness your doing something so that your foot is snug and if like me you have bad anckles you want to try finding something that goes higher up on your ankle to give more support.
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I always look for the shoes that are comfortable, light enough to handle the type of pair that will help in my fitness time. I recently bought shoe pair from Flipkart. There was some Flipkart offer are running at that time so bought one. That is super cool

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The strength of it you don't want some floppy shoe you want support also try it on and walk around if it feels uncomfortable don't buy it some sneakers are cheap, but for a reason and that is the product is cheap if buying a $70 pair a sneakers is what you have to, do it because chances are that your going to spend more money buying cheap ones while the leading competitor is keeping there's for years while your stuck buying your every other month

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