I just bought these purple Vans, they're so dope! Haha, what are your favourite type of shoes?


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Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
I like my Nike black and white sneakers and my tan wedge boots.
Janey Profile
Janey answered
Italian ankle boots and FILA sneakers - anything that looks classy and is comfortable to wear lol.
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Lianna Lins
Lianna Lins commented
Cool! I'm more into the beachy or rocker look, hence my love of Vans and combat boots lol.
Mandy Clark Profile
Mandy Clark answered
I like vans and toms:) I have five pairs of vans lol and just one pair of toms.....but I love them they're so comfortable!!!:)
Keira Been Profile
Keira Been answered
I'm not really into brands but I like ballerina flat shoes and thong sandals. They are so comfy to wear. I like pumps as well. You might want to check out www.lifo.com if you're into beauty and fashion. It is a fun site for girls that allow them to freely share their views and tips on beauty and fashion and aslo celebrity styles.

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