What Kind Of Clothes Do People Wear In Different Countries Other Than The U.s.?


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I have noticed a trend in many countries to dress like the people in the USA. In Europe the styles are much the same with britches like jeans and shirts. In other countries like the Arabic countries, long shirts with britches, or long gowns with headscarves are popular, often the print on the mens headscarves denote a family symbol or tribal entity. Even in China where pajama's were once the main style of dress, they are wearing western clothes more and more. The beautiful Kimono which was the signature of the Japanese tradition is disappearing in favor of western clothes. In Africa, wrap around clothes and Dashiki like shirts, or caftans are still popular. Please click on a star next to RATE THIS ANSWER, THAT WOULD BE A BIG HELP TO ME AND THANKS, NICE QUESTION, HAVE A NICE DAY...*P

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