Should women be limited only to 10 👞👟👢👠👡👡pairs of shoes? 👠👡👡👢👞👟 LOL


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Women should be kept barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. They don't need no stinkin' shoes.

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I took my daughter to Jamaica a few years ago and she brought a large suitcase filled with just flip flops. There had to be 20+ pair in there. She said she needed different styles in different colors. I wore a pair of sneakers or went barefoot.
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Cool, it's nap time. Echooos said so.
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I have 10 pairs of shoes myself and it feels like a lot! Then you see my sister's room and she has half of her walk-in closet filled with shoes. I just don't get it :P

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10??? What on earth would a person do with 10 pairs of shoes? 3 or 4 is sufficient One for work, one for casual wear, one for formal/special occasions, and a pair of sneakers for running.

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Why should a woman be limited to only one day's supply of shoes?

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"Limited"?  Lol  If I want (and can afford) 100 pairs of shoes, I'm going to buy them.  I just personally don't need that many shoes so I have only a few pair.

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Heck no! I have 10 pairs of just flip flops!

I have 3 different types of hiking shoes for the different terrains of hiking. I have two different types of sneakers, one for walking, and a cross trainer. So I am up to five even with just the basics for shoes you would need. White, black, and brown in casual shoes and dress shoes. An with dress shoes you have different levels of dress. I wouldn't wear the same black heels to a funeral that I would out dancing.

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Ten pairs of shoes?? I only have three. Boots for work, shoes for casual, and a pair for formal. Maybe it's just because I'm male.

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There shouldn't be any limit!

Some woman are obsessed and have a huge love for shopping and the shoes in particular! Can you be confidential enough to talk about "limits" with them ? :)))

It reminds of someone who has been in with us, never made it to Blurtit. Her profile name was (oh_Kaligirl) she loved shoe shopping so much! It would be fun if she could be here and debate this matter with you!!! Shoes ? Limit ? Noway!! Lol!

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It's just a question. 😄 posted for fun.
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Yup! i know ;) i always enjoy your fun company! btw it's the second time that you release a wave of questions! it's nice! keep going and have more challenges for all of us in the future as well :)

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