Can Fat Girls Wear Thongs?


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lakeesha Hennessy Williams Profile
Sure, larger ladies can wear thongs. In fact, I think thongs only look right if you've got some meat on your bones.

Can big girls wear thongs?
I guess the answer to your question really depends on another question: How big are we talking?

A thong is a pretty-revealing piece of underwear, and exposes a large part of a girl's backside - so if she's got a juicy, round bubble-butt, then a thong can be a great way of showing off her booty.

However, if we're talking so big that you can't even tell you're wearing one, then you've just wasted $30 at Victoria's Secret for a thin strip of material that no-one's ever going to see!

Can larger woman wear thongs?
Personally, I always wear thongs on the beach, and I'm a 'larger' lady.

I know most of the pictures in ads and on TV show skinny girls wearing thongs, but you ask any guy out there what kind of backside he likes on a woman, and nine times out of ten, I guarantee he'll say "give em' to me big, round and juicy!".
So, just to recap: So long as you can still see the string - I say "Bring it on!"
carol washington Profile
Thongs come in many sizes, the same as the behinds that wear them. If they are available in a person's size & they are comfortable in them, then you bet large girls can wear thongs!
Lola Smith Profile
Lola Smith answered
They can - but it's not as sexy as a skinny girls. No offence! It all depends on your comfort levels.

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