If you could only have one (free) pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would it be?


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Well ... You just reminded me that I lost one of my favourite shoes off  a balcony a few nights  ago or maybe a week ago .... I don't know. This is not okay cos I forgot to be sad about that. But it's good cos now I know I don't have those shoes anymore...... I have one of them ... This is aweful. I'm going to bed then.

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Jaimie  JT
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But then I couldn't complain about it ;p l I will:) ... I think it's stuck in behind a shrub ... I was legite upset about my show when answering this question lol :) I think I was over tired or pms'y or something ;)
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Abigail Connor answered

Definitely combat boots. They're easy to style, grunge Era fashion is coming back, and they still look good after getting beat up a little bit

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A nude colour plain pair of ballet flats.  They go with anything.

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Jann Nikka answered

My New Balance Tennis Shoes.

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Four Palmz answered

Steel toe Redwing work boots. Black

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Nealious James answered

Nina! It will have to be an original pair of converse. I used to have one and
it got so worn out that I had to spot wearing them. They were really
comfortable though and that’s what a good pair of shoes should be all about!
These days, there are too many imitations on the market and apart from being
cheap, they offer nothing much.

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Tom Jackson answered

Rocky brand athletics.

I have been wearing them for the last 30 years.

Only thing I can't do in them is dance---the soles are non-slip.

I've got some Allen-Edmonds for that

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